Locally Serving Middlesex , Ontario & Shipping Canada Wide.
Will send freshly laid eggs within 24 hours of laying.
All hatching eggs orders are shipped in 52 hole FOAM SHIPPERS to protect them in transit.
We will only ship out eggs Monday-Wednesday and Saturday to try and reduce the risk of the eggs sitting at a distribution warehouse on a weekend.
Please contact us for a shipping cost. Include your postal code.
We do not except returns. We cannot guarantee hatch rates due to post office handling and incubation methods that are outside of our control, we know shipping on eggs can be rough.
Please be mindful that a 50% hatch rate is considered a successful hatch rate with shipped eggs.
Depending on the reason you’re raising quail, the sex of the hatchlings will be 50/50.
All eggs are candled for any cracks or irregularities prior to shipment.