– The eggs will be shipped  (around 2 – 5 business days) by the carrier of your choice. If you require faster delivery, please request express shipping (around 1 – 2 days, extra shipping charge).

– We DO NOT guarantee your hatch rate, replace or refund any money on any hatching eggs that have been delivered. (including 0% hatch, broken eggs, broken air sacs or carrier takes too long to deliver the eggs to you).

– We DO NOT guarantee FERTILITY. The embryos are very sensitive. If they have been killed during transit, then there will be no sign of development and it doesn’t mean the eggs were not fertile when shipped.


Here are some, but not all of THE RISKS that can cause the eggs not to develop or hatch after they leave our possession:

– Rough handling: dropped by the Postal System causing scrambled air sacs, dead embryos or cracked eggs.
– Carrier taking too long to deliver the eggs to you – it could cause the embryos to not be viable upon delivery.

– Eggs can be subjected to extreme heat or cold.
– X-Rays.
– Improper handling prior to placing in the incubator.
– Improper methods of incubation.



-Any orders cancelled before the shipping process has begun (for any reason from customer) will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee deducted from total.

-Any orders cancelled after the shipping process has begun (for any reason from customer) will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee deducted from total. 

-Any orders cancelled that are completed and fully processed will NOT have a refund issued. 




Please text or email the farm for any questions, or details about ordering & payment options available (226) 998-8899     little_farm@plevak.ca


All eggs are tested throughout the laying season, fertility does vary throughout. I list after fertility has been confirmed. All, part, or none of the eggs may be fertile upon arrival or hatch. Don’t order shipped eggs if you cannot except this potential.


Shipping hatching eggs poses the biggest risk to an egg. Rough handling in transit, breakage, weather and temps swings, x-rays, being left outside, etc. all can have an adverse effect on the eggs. What eggs are exposed to after they are left in the hands of the post office is out of my control.

By order hatching eggs, you acknowledge and assume all risk involved during shipping! No refunds or replacements will be given.

Eggs are collected fresh multiple times throughout the day. We do not wash eggs! We don’t ship any eggs that we would not hatch ourselves. We do not send excessively dirty eggs. If you want to clean eggs upon arrival that is your decision, we believe this greatly reduces the chances of eggs hatching.

Eggs are shipped out on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays according to availability of fresh eggs,  and payment is received. Payment is due at time of order. Pre-season hatching egg orders are taken and must be pre-paid. First ordered and paid are first shipped out!

We take great pride and care in the packaging of our hatching eggs to assure they have the best chance arriving safely to their destination.

Our feedback on hatching eggs through the years speaks for itself on the handling, packaging, shipping, and fertility successes! We have many repeat buyers for a reason. We cannot make everyone happy, but we try!

Adding a phone number to your package is recommended and should be done at time of checkout.

Any other special requests may or may not be available. Just clarify with us at time of ordering.

We will try to make arrangements for local pickup. Please ask ahead of time.

 No international shipping!

We accept e-transfers. 

Once payment has been received, eggs will be shipped usually the following week but can take 2 weeks depending on the birds & availability.  If you want an update on your orders shipping time frame, please email us at little_farm@plevak.ca with your order info when possible.  Birds are not always dependable and delays can and do happen. We will keep you updated if there is a delay in the birds laying cycle or weather. If an order cannot be filled due to lack of eggs, a refund will be given.


We like to hear your feedback on the things that we have some control over such as the packing and shipping of the eggs, how quickly your eggs were shipped, egg condition, extras and such. Please leave this feedback when eggs arrive.  We like to hear about how your hatch went also.  Like stated earlier, we have no control over postal handling or hatch rates. Please leave these for follow up feedback.

If you have any question or concerns please contact us at the farm so we can get them answered for you.

Text: (226) 998-8899

We respond as quickly as we can, but we do have many other commitments and obligations that require our time as well. Thank you for your time and understanding!

We look forward to providing you all things quail for many years to come!